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Good Morning,

Today’s Topic: The after affects of SIDS


Last week blogs were dedicated to my daughter ReShande-ReShe who I lost to SIDS at the age of ten months. Losing my daughter that way led to a lot of sleepless nights. I had three more children after she passed and two of them suffer from asthma. Over the last 21 years since she has been gone I remember going in my children’s room placing my head on their chest, putting my hand on them just checking to make sure they were breathing. I would be sitting another room while they were sleep and would call their name just to hear their voice. My children are now 15, 16 and 20 and I still will have conversations with them when they are sleep. Even though I know they are well past the age of SIDS, I will probably will have them talk to me throughout the rest of my life. It gives me a sense of peace and helps me be ok. The process to where I am today has been a daily work in progress. They say time heals all pain I beg to differ. Time teaches you how to live with the pain, understand the pain, allow the pain not to take over your life. As long as I live I will miss and have unanswered questions regarding my daughter. I don’t care if I have 1,000 children it will never take away the pain I feel for my daughter that met such an untimely death to something that 21 years later still can’t be explained. As I have forgave, healed, and grew spiritually and mentally I can say that I don’t have as many bad days as I did when she first passed away. My life was forever changed the day my daughter passed away. I was angry at God first, then I was lost and confused, overwhelmed, hurt, scared but God. He continued to keep me, giving me the will to live and love. He blessed me with three beautiful children that are very talented. My son who plays the clarinet, and steel pan drums, daughter who has been in the National Honor Society since the 4th grade and dances on a competitive dance team, and my youngest daughter is a Couture Fashion Designer designing since the age of 6 and in business since the age of 8. So with everyday that I live I am so grateful that God has kept me and I have been able to move forward to better days. I look forward to living out the rest of my days in happiness and peace knowing that I will be with my daughter again one day but until then I have a purpose on this earth and I plan on fulfilling it. I will not stop until the vision that God placed on me comes to pass. REST WITH GOD RESHANDE-RESHE mommy loves you and will see you again!


Many Blessings & Much Love


  1. TeamSpeak July 7, 2016

    What are my passions, and which of these make sense as a livelihood and which are better as hobbies?

    • Tish Dolby July 8, 2016

      I would start off by saying hobbies are things that you like or just enjoy doing. Your passions come from a burning sensation from with in you. Your passions are gifts that you are born with and drive you to look for ways to incorporate them into your life. Your passion will continue to creep up no matter what’s going on in your life, no matter what job you have, no matter how much time you have or don’t have. Your passion is something that you will do for free. Like for me my hobbies include things like puzzling, bingo, dancing, singing and I may be passionate about these activities when I’m doing them but passion is loving on people (women) I love to support and empower women. Nothing gives me more pleasure than being able to make a difference in someone’s life and giving them the encouragement to move past whatever situation they are in. I love bringing out the inner beauty in women and helping them reflect that outwardly. Thank you for your question!

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