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Good Morning,

Today’s Topic: Feelings…..

I could talk about this topic for days but I’m just going to touch the surface a little bit. Throughout life you are going to have feelings happy, sad, mad, hurt, loved and the list goes on; it’s not about how you are feeling it’s about how you handle your feelings. I know there are days I personally go through a barrage of feelings but I have to refocus myself and push through. I know for me it was only through God, growth and maturity that I am able to handle my many stages of feelings. I learned how to take how I am feeling evaluate it and work through it so I can get back to a place of peace so I can continue with whatever I am doing or have to do. I know now that when I’m not quite feeling like myself I have to take time to myself and pray then I pull out my bible I read then as I am feeling myself calming down I am able to regain my focus. There are times you have to talk to someone about your feelings but make sure you are talking to someone that isn’t going to try and give you solutions unless you ask for advice. But when you ask for advice be ready to receive what is said and make sure you evaluate what’s said and don’t just run out and do whatever someone advices because 9 times out of 10 if you think about the advice given it’s bias and not necessary what’s best solution. Most of the times your feelings are not just out of the blue or a one situation thing. Your feelings are derived from things that may have happened to you, around you or because of the way you perceive things should be. Think about how you feel about children and raising them, your spouse and how relationships should go, how things should run on your job; you just didn’t start feeling the way you do either something has happened in your past or you grew up with certain views which impacts your current feelings. You have to teach yourself how to look at the situation for what it is not for how it use to be, what happened before, how you think it should be or how you use to act. When I find myself “feeling” some kind of way about anything I take a step back and reflect on how I am feeling and why am I feeling this way then I go into how do I want to feel what do I want to feel then I make the decision to adjust how I feeling. My goal today is to stay in a place of positivity and peace so when I find myself in any other place I take the step to get back to that place. And believe me there have been times I have had to do this several times in a day. It’s not easy but it is something that is a must for me. I have to be at peace so I can be the best me that I can be. I can’t walk in my purpose if my emotions are all over the place. Don’t get me wrong I am a very emotional person and that’s ok, you have to allow yourself to feel emotions but your aren’t suppose to act on emotions. You have to acknowledge how you are feeling in order to handle and deal with your feelings.


Many Blessings & Much Love

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