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Good Afternoon,

Today Topic: Being Obedient

Hello everyone how are you doing today? Today’s topic is a very personal one for me. We tend to say we are being obedient to God’s will but if we really reflect on our day to day living I’m sure we all can find areas where we are not being obedient. I call that the “I’m helping God help me” syndrome. We should constantly be pursuing ways of showing that we are being more obedient to God’s will and not our own. I know for me I was always saying I know God got me and my family but I have to do this and I have to do that but God was always showing me that it wasn’t about me it was about him. I know when I really was ready for a change and I had to look at my life and whether or not I was really being obedient to his will. I noticed that I wasn’t and had to begin to make the adjustments to become totally obedient to his will. I didn’t do this on my own, I was laid up in the hospital not really knowing what was going on with me and I was afraid of not being here for my children. It was early 2013 and I had spent the second year in the row so sick that I ended up in the hospital, I was about to celebrate my first valentine without my father and uncle and I was still laid off from work. Enough was enough I had to decide did I still want to go down the road I was or was I really ready to live to God’s potential for me. As I was laying in the hospital bed I felt such a release when I told God I know it’s not going to be easy but I’m ready. I can’t and won’t do it my way anymore. I began to make the changes in my every day life to be obedient to him and not try and help him along the way. Being obedient requires you saying “no” to yourself daily and sometimes several times a day. Being in a conscious place at all times, being specific about the choices you make. It’s uncomfortable in the beginning but as you begin to live an obedient life it becomes easier to do, now don’t get me wrong I do struggle from time to time. I question from time to time whether or not it’s worth it or if being obedient is working for me or I’m being obedient why isn’t things changing or why am I still being attacked I’m doing what God wants me to do. All of this has come up and still come up but I answer that with “To whom much is given much is required” When the doubts and questions surface I have separate myself and go to God in prayer or read the bible and ask for clarification and peace to continue to walk the path that he has placed before me. I ask for strength and understanding because I know it’s not my will it’s his. While I may not have the answers to all the questions God has given me a vision and I am to press forward towards it and stay the course no matter what may come my way. I continue to give him praise and glory even when I can’t figure it out. I had to understand that I will not always have the answers but my job is to do what God tells┬áme. I have learned that while being obedient has posed it’s obstacles it has also provided a sense of peace while going through trials and situations. I have learned that have to go through the process to get to where God is trying to take me and I have to be patient and continue to praise him. When you know that you know that you are doing God’s will you can walk around with a smile and take the good with the bad while knowing it’s all going to work out. I just can’t wait to see how far God pushes me and watch him amazingly open doors no man can close and close doors no man can open as my obedience continues to grow without even questioning or doubting him.


Many Blessings & Much Love

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