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Good Morning,

Today’s topic is: The “OUCH” in our lives:


As you heal, grow and mature there comes a point in time when you have to say “what choices have I made that I could have done differently?” Going through life blindly is not a good thing and can keep you stuck in a place of stagnation. You have to acknowledge your hurts, pains, and difficult places in order to move forward. If you aren’t willing to do that you can not grow into who you are suppose to be. Your hurts and pains may not always be self inflicted. They can stem from all sorts of places such as childhood, school, loss, broken relationships etc. the list is endless. But in order to heal you have to say “ouch” that really hurt me and I don’t want to feel like that again so now what do I do so I don’t have to go down that road again. You have to consciously make adjustments in your day to day life to eliminate the things that hurt you and keep you from healing. You have to focus on stopping the hurt before you can heal and grow pass the hurt. Childhood hurt can lead to an unfulfilled life because when things happen to you that you have no control over it can subconsciously impact the choices and decisions that you make in your adult life that if you aren’t careful can lead you right down the road of make choices and decisions that continue generational curses. Being aware of how you felt as a child and how you want different you can slowly break any family cycle that you don’t agree with, like or want out of your life. Dealing with what life throughs at you can put you in a tailspin of I don’t know what to does? But if you take time to step back acknowledge how you feel, how you want to feel then you can take the steps to moving in that direction. In the growing stage you can take ownership of choices and decisions that you make that have lead you into some sticky situations. In this stage you are still healing from your hurts and have made some progress but can be making choices and decisions out of instinct instead of thought of what’s best. While here you start dreaming about what you want out of life and planning to get that stage unfortunately you stumble through making some better choices but don’t make it very far because you aren’t completely there yet. If you are honest with yourself you will revisit this stage various times throughout your life because you will come to a point that you are looking for opportunities to grow. With growth comes maturity and I say that because as you grow you don’t see things as they once presented themselves. You look back over your life and learn how to take your “OUCHES” and turn them into something positive or learning lessons. With maturity comes opportunity to move into your purpose for your life. You can’t walk in your purpose until this point because you won’t be able to receive it until you have gotten to this point. Even if you know that you know it is going to be hard to walk the walk until you have actually done the work.  I will end todays post with one of my favorite sayings…..WHEN YOU KNOW BETTER YOU DO BETTER


Many Blessings and Much Love






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