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Good Afternoon

Today’s Topic: Friends vs. Associates


friend- n. a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.

associate-n. a partner or colleague in business or at work. a person with limited or subordinate membership in an organization.

People are quick to call someone a friend but do you really know what it takes to be considered a friend. In my personal opinion we label associates as friends and then get upset when they don’t live up to we feel a friend should do. When most of us reflect on the fact of if we are being good friends to others and do we posses the qualities of a true friend. We have to make sure we surround ourselves with people who will love, support and encourage us no matter the situation. We don’t need people in our lives that will tear us down, judge us, or use us. We need to surround ourselves with people that will build us up, support our visions and life goals as well as those that will give corrective criticism. We need to be able to know when a friendship is toxic for our growth as an individual while keeping in mind everyone that comes in our life has a purpose. People come in our lives for a reason, season or a lifetime and it’s up to us to figure out which one it is. Some people are there to teach you something, or for you to teach them something only. We need to allow the process to work God don’t make mistakes and we need to stop fighting and allow people to be people and stop holding them to more than they can’t fulfill. I know for me personally I feel bad letting people go even when I know that I don’t need to be around them or I have been a better person to them than they ever will be to me. I still struggle with accepting people for who the show that they are. You know the saying “when people show you who they are believe them” and I have to add to that the first time. Don’t continue to give people chance after chance to mistreat you and your friendship. Let go and let God! This saying not only goes for friends it goes for family too. Sometimes family can be the worse when it comes to letting go. I feel that when we master being good friends to others that’s when you can draw genuine friends to yourself. Recognizing that some of the people in our lives are truly associates is a breath of fresh air because you can release them from all the requirements that we hold friends too. We save ourselves some heartache and pain if we call it what it is. We should focus on being loving and caring to all those in our lives at all times and then we hold closely to those few that we have built a relationship with to the point of friendship. I believe in quality not quantity. I would rather have three quality friends rather than a thousand associates that I refer to as friends. I know that being the person God has me to be to those around me is more important than what people refer to me as. It took me a long time to allow certain people to be removed from my life but I would always ask God for guidance and help to be ok with him removing people out of my life. I do know that when I went to him for guidance he has revealed some qualities in the people in my life that I seen but didn’t want to accept. Over the years I have gotten better with allowing the process to work. I generally go to God first and ask him the purpose for the person in my life, why are they there are they there forĀ a reason, season, or lifetime. I also know that God will use me to be of service to others and it’s not that I’m supposed to get something I may come in that persons life to show, guide or teach them something. This is the reason I try my best to be the best person God has for me to be and continue to be an example to those around me.


Many Blessings & Much Love


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